Amora Lee - Amora Lee: Breast Dreams Come True

Amora Lee: Breast Dreams Come True


Amora Lee has the face and body breast dreams are made of. A nurse by vocation, Amora models part-time. "I Googled you guys because a friend had told me, when I was thinking of getting a reduction, to do some modeling with my boobs, and I was like, 'No way!' but then one night I Googled 'big-breasted models' and you guys popped up." The word "reduction" has filled us with dread for many years. Fortunately, Amora decided to email us several pictures. Even though she was fully dressed, we knew. Somebody up there likes us.

Amora was married for 13 years to an ass guy who was not a boob lover.… Read More »

4.9/5 Stars
Featuring: Amora Lee
Release Date: 07/26/2018
Photos: 75

User Comments

5 years ago 

Love this shoot.... It bespeaks her stunning beauty so well..... Love the outfit so much and that bra is awesome...

5 years ago 

The word voluptuous should have a picture of Amora in the dictionary.

5 years ago 

Another cocoa goddess!! True definition of a voluptuous woman. :O

down by the bay
5 years ago 

Amora Lee is the finest women on the damn planet. What a body!

Pablo Escoboobs
5 years ago 

Amora's titties are so full! She is super sexy...Score, please keep her on the roster for a long time.

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