Angela White - Beach house boob bunny

Beach house boob bunny


Angela White is not just a model. She's a fan of her fellow models.

"I like to follow the models' careers and know what they've done," she said. "Lorna Morgan is one of my favorites and I got to meet her in Eleuthera and I was so excited about it. I told her how I loved various photo shoots she's done and how I have followed her career. She's just fabulous. So, I'm not just a model, I'm also a huge fan.

"I like big-boobed girls even if they don't model. Women with big boobs are beautiful. They are very natural and womanly and have fabulous, curvy bodies. Like Lorna, she is so curvy and… Read More »

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Featuring: Angela White
Release Date: 03/31/2024
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