Bibi Bugatti - Bibi, The Living Sex Doll

Bibi, The Living Sex Doll


Bibi Bugatti is into extreme bimbofication and has dedicated her life to it. Born in Amsterdam, she spends most of her time in Dubai, an adult playground for the wealthy and the fast living. Bibi got into shooting porn in 2023. She doesn't cite anyone as an influence in her transition to nude modeling and porn.

Calling herself a sex addict, Bibi said she likes to cum five times a day. Deep and hard sex is her favorite. Cumming with vibrators is another way she gets off. She likes to have her pussy and clit licked and her favorite fucking position is doggy. So far, she hasn't fucked, or been… Read More »

4.1/5 Stars
Featuring: Bibi Bugatti
Release Date: 07/06/2024
Photos: 80

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