Camille Morgan - Camille Morgan's Double Header

Camille Morgan's Double Header


Camille wants to hook up with two men. This doesn't happen here at The SCORE Group often, and mostly with European SCORE Girls.

Camille is watching TV with Juan and Sergio but she's not into the couch trip. "I'm tired," she tells them. "I'm gonna get ready for bed." "Okay," Juan replies. "We're gonna finish this movie and I'll be right up." Camille leaves and goes to the bedroom where she actually is dolling herself up in lingerie. She's not tired.

Meanwhile, Sergio says, "Dude, I gotta take a piss." "The bathroom down here is broken," says Juan. "You have to use the one in the… Read More »

4.7/5 Stars
Featuring: Camille Morgan, Juan Largo, and Sergio
Release Date: 02/13/2024
Photos: 85

User Comments

Sex Mad Scorpio.
1 month ago 

Camille's assets include not only her incredible facial beauty and huge pendulous boobs but also that chocolate coloured smooth sensual skin of hers that is so devilishly alluring, most men including me just couldnt resist it, quickly stripping naked with her, however one criticism that it would have been better to see a facial climax rather than a boobs one.

Sex Mad Scorpio.
1 month ago 

The 13th of February is very lucky for black beauty Camille with double the big dicks for her to fervently suck and be fucked by. It's black pussy power meets Latino lust in the battle of the different race sexes, but theres only one winner it's Camille with double the delight of cum being splattered all over her pendulous big tits. Just fantastic.


Wow! Camille I hope She gets more scenes


I didn't think anything could be hotter than seeing Camille fucked by a man, but
I was wrong. Seeing her get fucked by two men is twice as hot!


Just fantastic seeing Camille with a dick in her mouth in almost every pic...her return to Scoreland last year, looking hotter than ever, was one of the most sexciting events of the year


Camille is amazing, but the double team should always finish with a facial.LOL

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