Kate Marie - Peeping in the Ladies Room

Peeping in the Ladies Room


With all of the screaming and yelling about gender-specific public restroom usage in the US, we'd like to throw in our two cents and declare for the record that Kate Marie and all the rest of the hotties who visit SCORE can use the men's room anytime they damn well please. Of course, they have their own bathroom but we're just throwing it out there.

Our camera-mounted drone follows Kate Marie into the ladies' room, where it played peeping-drone, with her consent. And what a horny show Kate Marie gave. The damned drone overloaded and burned out at the end of the photo shoot.… Read More »

4.4/5 Stars
Featuring: Kate Marie
Release Date: 05/21/2024
Photos: 111

User Comments

Sex Mad Scorpio
2 weeks ago 

Great original idea for a photo/ drone shoot, after boudoirs, bathrooms showers, etc the next best place for an erotic peep show would be of course the ladies room, voluptuous Kate is always so desirable that she creates waves of lust through me, please bring her back asap.

3 weeks ago 

Wow l love you


Very exciting solo scene, picture 55 showing her bra made me cum.


Now we all get it, it’s not generally considered acceptable for a gentleman to sneak into the ladies room, but how should a guy state the obvious if he wants to be polite?
“Excuse me but…”
1. “… Wow you look like you’re kinda of tight in certain parts”
2. “… Hmmm your pussy sure looks nice.”
3. “… please accept my sincerest compliments on the above average, appearance and form of your genitalia.”
4. “… What are you willing to wager that, if a banana isn’t too snug a fit for you to handle, that you’re able to squeeze it into a toothpick?”
What is a gentleman to say????


If you guys ran pictures of Kate Marie every freaking day I would not complain in the least. Goddess is not a term to be used lightly, but it certainly applies to her. YOWZA!



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