Alexya - Beauty & The Breasts

Beauty & The Breasts


Busty and beautiful Alexya shows off her gorgeous body by a window, and when all her clothing is discarded, smears yogurt all over her big tits. Some of it drips down her chest. She looks good enough to lick.

Alexya told us about one of her sexual experiences that she thought was very kinky. "I was dating a very sexual and masculine man," said Alexya. "After six months, he wanted me to dominate him and slap him on the face.

"Another time, I was at the cinema. The hall was almost full but there was a row of seats that were empty. The movie was 3D and the people were wearing glasses. I was… Read More »

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4.8/5 Stars
Featuring: Alexya
Release Date: 01/05/2021
Full Movie: 19:40

User Comments

1 year ago 

One of the most beautiful women in the world and insane gorgeous tits. Alexya is a Score goddess. Romania is the big boob capital of the world. It's insane how hot they are. I need to go back to Romania

2 years ago 

This woman is a living breathing work of art.

2 years ago 

Shit!!! I have to go to Romania!

2 years ago 

Alexya, has always turned me on ,those tits and nipples ,she can make shapes with them ,and have you notices the little tong protruding from her pussie

2 years ago 

What a scene!! Alexya brings total beauty and a air of erotica into her scenes. If I met her. Took her out on a few dinner dates. Then she nodded that she wanted me to take her home with me, I don't know how long my manhood could bear it. I mean after just unhooking her bra and letting those perfect boobs bounce down with gravity, swaying left and right, I'd probably cum before I could even begin. Luckily with a hottie like her, I'm sure it wouldn't take long for her to wake Mr. Happy up again. Dam I almost should be a erotic editor for Score.

Alexya is truly a perfect woman. Love the videography on her Score. Lots of Boob and Pussy closeup shots. Love the shot from down on the floor looking upward with those gorgous boobs so full and firm hanging there practically in your face. Like truly being there with her. The Yogurt teasing was magical. Score model of the year after year. Thankyou Score. Alexya shoots always Score. ALWAYS!!

2 years ago 

OMG. She is probably the hottest model on Scoreland!!!!! I wish the scene directing was better..:/. She has soooo much more to offer.!

2 years ago 

Facially, Alexya is one of the most beautiful looking Score girls around. But when you look down to take notice of her very heavy and pendulous orbs of delectable and cock hardening tit flesh, there are few other Score girls who have been blessed with such a combination of beauty and boobs.

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