Amora Lee - Amora Lee: Breast Dreams Come True

Amora Lee: Breast Dreams Come True


"Becoming a model has made me more comfortable in my own skin," said stand-out hottie Amora Lee, a full-time nurse and part-time model. Amora works in a nursing home. We have to wonder if there are any vacancies during Amora's shift and how to get in.

Proper-fitting bras are a problem. It's one of several subjects we have studied at SCORELAND for many years.

"I'm not that entitled to have custom-made stuff," Amora said. "I normally go on eBay and search for my cup size and have them sent to me, but I did find a local store that I can go to and buy bras, and I think their cup stops… Read More »

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4.8/5 Stars
Featuring: Amora Lee
Release Date: 07/26/2018
Full Movie: 15:22

User Comments

3 years ago 

Amora, I know a place where you can get bras your size. I'll buy you a few if you let me witness the measuring, the trying on at home, and let me give you a LONG thorough breast massage afterwards!

5 years ago 

Dear god I'm in love with this lady. So lovely, graceful and feminine. She just does it for me every time.

5 years ago 

She makes my dreams come true!

5 years ago 

this model and ALL her work, movements, nuances, beauty, suggestions and vibe really undo me with ease. She is so very very pretty and stacatto awkward movements, she is all flow and gorgeousness. She embodies dreams that are one of a kind....I can't say enough about how truly beautiful this woman is. She is gorgeous in all she wears and her whole attitude and way of interacting with the camera simply put the viewer at ease and in want of more and more of this illustrious knock out. How can we persuade her that she is doing the world a favor by bursting forth with TSG with absolutely amazing and stunning beauty. Her body is out of this world and did i say incredible beyond words??!! I am totally in for anything Amora would like to do in her modelling with TSG, she is absolutely a gorgeous model who appeals to many a dream and fantasy. Thanks babe for all your work, truly amazing.

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