Melody Mynx - Melody Mynx: Pink Pussycat

Melody Mynx: Pink Pussycat


Melody Mynx keeps in shape with yoga, swimming, and Pilates plus lots of fucking. Melody also teaches yoga. She's had many occupations. The slim brunette's been a bartender, a clothing and jewelry dealer, a nanny and a pet-sitter. Being a porn star's been a good fit for Melody and her energetic personality.

Melody loves to travel. Her perfect day starts with great sex in a foreign land, then exploring the area and finding a cozy restaurant.

Melody is in her forties but looks much younger. Her pliable, natural tits are 32FF-cups. She's game for role-playing, anal, interracial, threesomes,… Read More »

4.0/5 Stars
Featuring: Melody Mynx
Release Date: 02/08/2024
Full Movie: 19:45

User Comments

Sex Mad Scorpio.
1 week ago 

I had to add one more comment since just seeing this curvy earthy cancerian pussycat is very refreshing, yes she has done everything and looks just amazing for being naughty forty something, probably through Yoga and Pilates, I wonder with her love of travel has she considered ever mixing business with pleasure through the searching for beauties in low payed jobs into modelling for TSG, I am sure with her charm and lifes acquired skills she would make for the perfect recruiter of porn models. I can wait to see Melody again.

Sex Mad Scorpio.
1 week ago 

A magical minxy milf to relish and jerk off too, I believe there is nothing like a naughty forty something porn star, in doing this form of visual eroticism is not only good for her mind, and fitness but also the soul, Melody goes to show that even those sexy mature women can incite excitement in us guys. Thank you so much Melody you are magnificent minx.

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