Victoria Nova - Victoria Nova: Table Top Anal Toy Show

Victoria Nova: Table Top Anal Toy Show


Victoria Nova exited the business world and her executive assistant position for a lot of different positions, among them missionary and cowgirl. SCORE doesn't find many Frenchwomen. Anastasia Doll and now-retired Vanessa Montagne are two SCORE Girls that are from France. Why the shortage of busty Frenchwomen is a question we've never been able to answer.

Dressed in a tight black skirt, tight white top, black stockings and super-high heeled shoes, Victoria walks into the kitchen and quickly tosses off her clothing to show her sexy lingerie.

Victoria's brought a black,… Read More »

4.8/5 Stars
Featuring: Victoria Nova
Release Date: 02/10/2024
Full Movie: 17:39

User Comments

1 week ago 

Merci Victoria! Tu fait honneur aux françaises, malheureusement assez rares sur Scores...

Sex Mad Scorpio.
1 week ago 

Every time I see the fabulous french frenetic fornicator Victoria I start jerking off, here dressed in black skirt, white blouse then playing with that pink vibro and double headed black dildo, but please I'd rather see it being used doubled with another girl, I am praying that she will develop a hunger and taste for sapphism, it would be a privilege to see this pert piscean pulchritude swapping tongues, and sixty nining with another fabulous femme. Now that would be a big surprise.

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